10 Things Women Fail To Understand About Men

I was talking to my friend about guys and relationships and the constant drama in them. She whined about how guys are so complicated. So, to make it slightly easier, based on observation and experience, I put together a list for her :-

10 Things Women Fail To Understand About Men

  1. If you’re waiting for a guy to ask you out while he’s trying to dirty flirt with you, I promise you, that question isn’t on its way.
  2. If you catch a guy lying to you about his whereabouts, it doesn’t always mean he’s with another woman. It might simply mean, he’s afraid you’re going to show up there like an overly-obsessive-girlfriend and he’d rather just like some time away from you.
  3. When you’re both talking and his eyes automatically look at the girl who’s walking past you both, he isn’t always checking her out. It’s reflex the way you would automatically look at an Abercrombie model that passes by.
  4. Yes, even an asshole has a sensitive side. But I assure you there are more girls he’s talking to that believe they’ll be the one to bring it out in him, when in reality, probably none of you will.
  5. Have a problem with his girl best friend? When you’re chatting with your guy best friend, allow the guy to take a look at that conversation – once. I’m sure he’ll have more to be jealous of or pull fights with than you ever will.
  6. Does he drink? Does he smoke? Did you fall in love with the guy and then ask him to stop both, claiming “it’s for your own health and safety, honey” ? How many times in your life have you sat and thought to yourself ‘I wish I’d find someone who will accept me for who I am, who will accept my flaws..’ How can you expect him to accept you for who you are and your first mission as his girlfriend is to change his way of life? Let the poor guy enjoy his small satisfactions in life. (Does not apply for alcoholics or drug addicts – If he’s either of those, please drop him off at your closest rehab centre)
  7. If the guy you’re flirting with for months now, that you have a massive crush on, hasn’t asked you out yet, it’s one of two reasons –
    He wants to get to know “the true you” better.
    He has absolutely no interest in dating you.
    I honestly don’t know which one’s worse.
  8. If he’s talking to you about this girl he likes, 99% of the time, he’s not really trying to make you jealous. He’s just confiding in you about this girl he really likes. So terribly sorry to tell you, you’ve been #friendzoned.
  9. If you’re both on whatsapp at 2a.m and you want to call and talk to him and he tells you he “can’t really talk right now,” he’s possibly chatting with people other than you. Please don’t create a melodramatic scenario in your head about why he can’t talk and feel unnecessary pity for the guy. He couldn’t care less.
  10. His friends will always mean more to him than you. Do not emotionally blackmail him and ask him to pick between you and them. If you do, don’t sit and whine and cry about how he chose his friends over you.

    An extra point,

  11. If the guy is truly, madly, deeply in love with you, he will find a way to be with you. He will do whatever it takes to keep you happy. He will stand up for you to anyone, even if it is his closest friend since childhood. But please do not try and exploit that weakness in him. Poor guy. Let him have a life. You have yours, don’t you?




(Pic Courtesy : Google)


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