That Different Kind Of Love



It is passion so strong, it makes you want to rip each other’s clothes off.

It is staying on the phone all night because you can’t not fall asleep to that voice.

It is cheesy messages and never ending expressions of all that you’ve ever sought.

It is being together every minute of every day because you can never be apart.

Love is all consuming or nothing at all.

Or so I thought.

Because that different kind of love nobody ever spoke about,

The one that shares silent moments and deepest thoughts,

When fights over musicΒ are drama enough,

When there’s nothing in common with the way you’ve been brought,

When everything’s calm,

When your heart takes over and you turn around

To find comfort, not sex, in someone’s arms

To find laughter, not jitters, in the way they talk

To believe, not question, who they are

To finally feel without having to fall

To be in love and never know it at all.

Oh, That Different Kind Of Love!


22 thoughts on “That Different Kind Of Love

  1. marysmirror says:

    That kind of love is even more intense, I guess… Falling asleep during skyping with your loved one (because sleeping alone is somehow scary and an insufficient substitute) seems to be one of the symptoms… Each time I wake up and realize that my dearie is still there it turns out to be even more amazing ^^ In case this post has a personal background: keep that person!

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