Life Through The Lens

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There are moments in my life. Ones I want to look back on and remember. They’re not personal. They’re not huge gestures. They’re just things I’ve seen and done or places I’ve been to. Maybe 10 years from now, I’ll lose that sketchbook or crash my harddisk and lose all my data. But I want to still remember that moment my pen touched my sketchbook. The moment I saw something and captured it in a way that I found stunning. This is where I’ll find it. 10 years from now.

5 thoughts on “Life Through The Lens

  1. sparkyjen says:

    I can understand where you are coming from. I don’t have a sketch pad, but I do have a case that holds many memories. Every once and while I touch the case with my hand. In my mind, I feel it’s warmth. On other occasions, I open the case, and look at all my thoughts. I feel myself smiling inside and out. I have also taken out all the scrappy papers, and looked at every one. This was quite the day for re-experiencing MOMENTS!!!

    Just thinking now…I may not have a pad, but I do have my paper scraps. The case has a 70s vibe. Cool right?!

  2. cmarquis91 says:

    I draw a lot and a take a lot of photos. I was recently getting out an old camera and found out that the sd card is gone from it. There were photos from 2009 on there that I will never see again. Many memories that I will never see tangible proof of again. It’s sad. I wish I would have had my blog and posted the pictures on there before I lost it where ever it is.

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