After being months in the making, it’s finally here! Every month, I will feature one book and its author on this page. If you have suggestions, please do comment below and I’ll be happy to read them and spotlight them as well 😀 I hope you enjoy these amazing people and their incredible words the way I did!


This month on Spotlight..



I’ve known Kavipriya Moorthy, the author, for over a year and when she was writing Dirty Martini, she’d add snippets on her Facebook profile that would get me so excited to finally read the actual book. I obviously pre-ordered and held on to my breath as I began reading.

I almost didn’t want to exhale because that would mean the book was ending and there was nothing I wanted more than for it to go on and on.

I was never a great fan of Indian authors, but authors like her with books like these are beginning to change my mind.

Preethi, the main character, is not just a friend we know, or a relative we might have seen. She is exactly you and me. Her struggles, her chaotic life and her simple and necessary battles are a journey we read and relate to with every word. And that’s all I’m saying.

Because when I wanted to spotlight her book, I considered writing a detailed review of all that Dirty Martini is. But you know what? Some books need to be experienced. You need to walk with the characters as you know and relate to every circumstance.

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PS – The book contains some necessary erotica.