After being months in the making, it’s finally here! Every month, I will feature one book and its author on this page. If you have suggestions, please do comment below and I’ll be happy to read them and spotlight them as well 😀 I hope you enjoy these amazing people and their incredible words the way I did!


Have you ever forgotten something? Your keys? An errand? How about a significant other?

I have never seen memory loss brought to life quite so eloquently before. But Bragadeesh Prasanna nails it with a story revolving around a man who tries to add the missing pieces together while in the process finding who he is in the eyes of everyone else. His self-discovery and sense of feeling utterly lost is a delight to read!

Author: Bragadeesh Prasanna is also the author of 300 days, an avid blogger, a brilliant writer and a non-stop motivating machine. He is the reason my book released!

You can buy your copy and live vicariously through relatable characters and writing that connects!



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